Electro_Nomicon – Vocals/ Diego Valdez—Bass/David Jackson—Guitars/Juan Jose Fornes—Drums/ Owen Bryant. The band is currently writing for their full length CD and preparing for a World Wide Musical Onslaught. BIO written by Omar(CEO from ) http://www.metalmonthly.com
Electro_Nomicon is a Band that is as mysterious as it is talented in the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. This Dream Ensemble is comprised of Band members from the United States and Argentina,yet they play in tight unison with an energy and drive that is second to none. They’re not looking to meet standards, they’re setting new standards. Highly original and completely dedicated to their craft, the members of E_N have played many shows including Festival status venues .
Current accomplishments include being the first band to be inducted into the Metal Monthly (www.metalmonthly.com) Hall of Fame. They were also voted into Metal Monthly’s “Bands That Kick A**!!!!!!!” in March of 2011. E_N has worked with Stosh Jarecki of Rotary Films (www.rotaryfilms.com) ,who has worked on Videos with Rob Halford and many prominent television shows including VH-1. E_N has also worked with Beau Hill/ Multi-Platinum Record Producer. Electro_Nomicon is currently in rotation on FM Radio Stations around the Globe as well as many Internet Stations. E_N has held the #1 spot for Metal Bands in Seattle Wa. and Buenos Aires Argentina for many months (reverbnation). E_N has remained in the top 50 Metal Bands across the USA and top 100 Bands in the World as well. Every band strives to be different, and what sets Electro_Nomicon apart is that they don’t have to try. They are different,yet they are exactly what you’d expect, if what you’re looking for is the best in original metal. E_N is different and yet familiar; A refreshing conundrum that breaks the mold as you bang your head. Great music opens doors and Electro_Nomicon is the key. Unlock the magic.




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