Pride and The Vanities

Pride and The Vanities


Descending straight from the mothership into the hearts and minds of all who bear witness, the innovative sights and sounds of the revolutionary pop-electro rock band ,Pride and the Vanities has crash landed and brought with them a sexy, sci-fi performance twist that leaves audiences gasping for more.
This unique, all original set list has been compared to the likes of Muse, The Sounds, Metric, a modern day Blondie and a Cyber Wendy O.

The elustrious “Pride” is the lead singer and front woman. Her stage presence is compelling and flawless with good reason. Having graced the stage in 4 world reknowned shows on the Las Vegas Strip and founding the infamous all girl rock band “Deadly Seven”, “Pride”, is no stranger to stardom. Gracing the stage at House of Blues L.V., and Moon nightclub at The Palms, numerous billboards, magazines, film, T.V., and theatre in Las Vegas where she resides, “Pride” wears her celebrity status like a second skin.




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