All started in 2005 after the separation of Silent Requiem and ashes formed GRIM Starting with old friends as Lucy, Celso, Eloyko, Diego, Oscar and Alan. It was a memorable start in 2005 Fabrick Award for Best Rock Vocal in 2006 First Place in the style ExaRock MetalCore.
Alignments renewed since 2007 Now with Itxel on vocals and we were finalists in the War RadioTacea band in 2007
In 2008 we went to record in a professional studio AQUA RECORDS led by Ing. Jorge Francisco and olive groves as a sound engineer in the protools HD. recording 11 tracks.
The remastering was carried by The Blade Records.
and cover by Juan Empires.
Promote our LP since November 2009


Unfortunately Sarah and Edgar are no longer with us personal and professional projects are on hold looking for new members. (bass and keyboard)
We the founders of the band Armatrix, Itxy and Raul. Now everyone has new very influence to contribute to the songs we’re writing for this 2011.
As the flame of the Rock continue …. there will be GRIM.



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