Steamgunk is a steampunk-inspired glitch-electro project. Though electronic music at its core, the style and concept rest mainly within glitch-electronica, industrial, and a heavy ambiance. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and technology based on steam power of the 19th century. Fressed electronic music for the newced contraptors, oiled gizmologists, and steampunkaneers.

Born from boredom and an appreciation of glitch electronica, an affection for old science fiction films, noir, steampunk culture, and a shameless infatuation with b-movie horror films. Inspired by light ale in summer nights, dark stout on winter days, men with beards, theater seats with cupholders, the 80’s, and my old 8-bit life. Past projects include Set Prometheus Aflame (late 2008 to early 2011) and Cyan Roddington (early to late 2011).



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