IT Support, IP Phone Systems, Network Security by VHI Networks

IT Support by VHI Networks. San Jose, California

* Desktop Support
* Server/Apps
* Network Security
* Remote Access
* IP Phone Systems
* Data Storage
* On-site Support

VHi Hotline 877-846-6399

VHi Networks has been supporting customers for over 12 years!

We are flexible, courteous and second best to none. Our focus is on our customers satisfaction. We won’t get referrals if our customers don’t rave about us!!!

VHi offers 20% disount on hourly rate for all new customers.

Support Plans We offer some basic support plans…

Network Security
Security hits on so many levels. Client security, Server security, mobile security to network security. Companies need to protect their employees on so many levels. Your companies data is very important and can not be compromised. That’s why security is very high on our radar.

VHi Networks believes you should be covered with all layers of security. They work hard on finding the most cost effective solutions to help you decide what’s important to you.

We make sure you understand your options vs risks when locking down your security options.
IP Phone Systems
Some people call it VOIP and others call it IP Telephony. All are acceptable and used all of the time.

Your basically running a voice system on a data network. The cost savings can be huge depending on your calling pattern and environment. We can help you get up and running on a solution that’s best for you. An IP phone system can typically pay for it’s self in the first year or less. Most of the time it’s within the first 8 months.

We recommend ShoreTel Systems over all other solutions. The ShoreTel solution offers the best low cost solution while still offering the most feature rich products.
The ShoreTel solution makes administration easy where you can save a lot of money by having your staff add, modify delete users as needed. It’s that easy. No more having to rely on a Telecom company to manage your phone system.

Servers & Applications
We support most all server hardware platforms. The most important hardware support issues lead to whether your servers are still covered under a support contract or not. Either way, we can help….

We support most server operating systems. Please give us a call. The reason we don’t list the operating systems we support because it changes on a monthly basis.

Regarding server applications, we support most applications but it’s best if you call ahead of time to confirm we can help. We also have partnerships with specialty companies that focus on very specific applications like SharePoint and SQL. This is just an example of two applications that require custom support.

Desktop Support
We provide quality computer support for all models of desktops, laptops, tablets and most handhelds. Whether you are running Windows, Linux or Mac OS, we can help.

Over 60% of our business is from desktop support. This is crucial in keeping you productive and to keep your business running smoothly.

Desktop support covers all client connectivity devices. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, Palm, HP and other windows based devices.

We also handle printer, scan and fax system issues. Give us a call.

If you are having networking issues, we can help too!

Remote Access

Secure remote access (VPN) is key for those who need access to their local network from anywhere there is an internet connection. VHi can provide you with that secure VPN solution. If you already have a secure VPN solution and are having problems, we can help. We also can help manage your existing VPN solution.

Another option is to move your companies email and data to the cloud. This can save you money from investing in remote access solutions. By moving your data to the cloud, you can save thousands on server support renewals and more.

When we say the cloud, we mean Google Apps. We recommend Google Apps which offers a free version. Some companies can take advantage of the free version and we can help you get there. There are other versions they offer which are very reasonable. Still, we can help you migrate to the cloud which can save you thousands in operating expenses each year.

Data Storage
Not everyone needs additional storage beyond their existing servers. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding more drives to your existing servers. We can come in and access the situation. If additional external storage is needed, we will look at your requirements, environment and come up with the most cost effective solution. Most companies have 30-40% wasted or unused disk space because of how they are setup. We can help identify any wasted or unused space to save you money.
We also offer data storage in the cloud. We recommend Google Apps which offers a free version. Some companies can take advantage of the free version and we can help you get there. There are other versions they offer which are very reasonable. Still, we can help you migrate to the cloud which can save you thousands in operating expenses each year.

Backup and Recovery
Your companies data is one of the most important pieces that can mean the difference between success and closing the doors. It’s so important to take care of your data. Whether your data is onsite or in the cloud, knowing that it’s being backed up and that it can be restored at any given day, is piece of mind.

Many of our customers already keep their data onsite and need the re-assurance that it is safe, protected and can be restored at any given time. We offer support that keeps on top of your backups so you can be re-assured your data is safe.

Another option we offer is protecting your data in the cloud. This can save you thousands each year on servers, backups and support renewals. By moving your email and documents to the cloud, you can be certain that your data is backed up and protected. It also gives you the ability to control who has access to what with your companies documents in the cloud.

When we talk about the cloud, we are referring to Google Apps. There is a free version and other paid versions depending on the amount of data your company is creating. You’d be surprised how many companies can start with the free version. We can help with the migration to start saving you a lot of money.

On Site Support

When you hire VHi, you can be ensured that the job will be handled with the up most care and expedience. When you contact us for support, we first see if it makes sense to handle the issue remotely. If it requires onsite support, we will let you know. Our goal is to save you money while providing you quality support.

With onsite support, we charge a 2 hour minimum, but do not charge travel time. If we can resolve it remotely, we charge in 20 minute increments. We prefer to only come on site when necessary. If you prefer us to come onsite for every call, we can do that, no problem. Two hour minimum support applies to a 30 mile radius of San Jose. If you are outside of the 30 mile radius, travel time is added to the 2 hour minimum. Please call for confirmation first.

Our goal is to provide you with quality support at a low cost. We were the first to offer “Call us when you need us” support back in 1997. We don’t charge a monthly fee unless requested. You only pay for the work that was done. Call for more details on the different plans that we offer.

VHi Hotline 877-846-6399

More information can be found online at


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