Dezi K

Dezi K


Dezi K is no stranger to the music scene. Although much in demand at home, Dezi wanted to access a larger market joining international show bands performing in residencies at Galleon Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen, China, Tiga Puluh Night Club in the Le Meridien Hotel in Jakarta (Indonesia) then to Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat. (Oman Middle East)

Dezi started her singing at the very young age of four in Brisbane Australia where she grew up. Learning the art of vocals for jazz, pop, rock,funk, R&B (and everything in between!) and her passion for performance had become undeniable.

The combination of extensive training required that she become a performer of utmost versatility and professionalism, but also instilled in her a positive and organised work ethic.

Despite her busy performance and teaching schedule, Dezi also found time to pen her own
originals. She enjoyed particular success for her track, “Cruzin”, getting regular airplay on radio stations from Planet Radio 88FM in Brisbane to Now FM in Papua New Guinea. Dezi is also featured as guest vocalist on the dance tracks “Nasty” and “Soul Revival” by artist/producer Allen Kedea, both of which also get regular airplay on Now FM Radio. In addition, “Nasty” was selected to be on a compilation CD promoting Australian House
Music, entitled “Sounds of Love” and available in stores.

With an alto tone built for r&b, soul, jazz, funk and rock Dezi is a charismatic artist and no stranger to all the finer aspects of voice. Her voice will melt you. Her attitude will impress you. Her quirkiness will tantalize you. Dezi K is the whole package. You will not be disappointed!



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