Croatian female singer blessed with mature and coloured voice. Her debut album “Tuga Dolazi Kasnije” CroRec ’06] was widely recognised from both: public and critics, mainly because of the styles of its songs: pop, rock, rap, jazz, bossanova, latin…


 Born in Rijeka, on December 22nd, 1988. Completed the elementary music school I.M. Ronjgov in Rijeka for piano. After completing the First Rijeka Croatian High School – linguistic course, in the year 2007 she enrolled in the study course of the English language and philosophy with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rijeka.  She enters the studio of Robert Funcic as a thirteen year old girl, and at the age of 14 signs a discographic contract with Croatia Records.
In the same year she achieves a successful cooperation with Matija Dedic with whom, as his guest, she had the honour to appear in the legendary BP Club in Zagreb which was her first public appearance. Matija Dedic Trio, which was composed of excellent musicians Matija Dedic, Henry Radanovic and Tonci Grabusic, was her accompaniment on Dora 2004, where she presented herself for the first time to the wide public with the song Tuga dolazi kasnije, signed by Robert Funcic.  At the festival Dalmatinske Sansone in Sibenik in the year 2004 she won the award for the best debutant, and also appeared at the same festival for the following three years (2005, 2006, 2007).  On Dora 2006, she achieved outstanding success with the song Il treno per Genova, winning the third place.
In the same year, she had a great honour and pleasure to appear on Runjiceve Veceri in Trogir…  As the result of a long-standing cooperation with the musician Robert Funcic, in October 2006 her first album Tuga Dolazi Kasnije was published, the first dual disc in Croatia, which had excellent reception by the audience as well as the critic.
She achieved a very successful cooperation with the genius of Croatian music Arsen Dedic, by recording the duet and video for his song Vracam Se, as well as with appearances on Arsen’s concerts in Osijek and Opatija, with accompaniment of the Big Band of the Croatian Radio Television.
On the yearly award HR2 Turki party, she wins the award for the best new name in the year 2006.  She reaches the finals of the Dora 2007 contest with the song “Tata”, and wins a great number of points from the audience.
She is the prize winner of Zlatna Koogla for the best performer of the year 2007.
She was nominated in six categories for the Croatian discographic award “Porin 2007” – won two Porins, for the best new performer of the year and for the best female vocal performance.
Upon the invitation of the reputable jazz musician Elvis Stanic, she appears at the Seventh Liburnia Jazz Festival in Opatija, 2007, in the company of jazz geniuses like Kenny Garret Quartet, Liburnia Jazz Union, Cherkezi Orchestra, etc.
The continuance of collaboration with Elvis Stanic, after appearing together at the Liburnia Jazz Festival, was characterized with the song Nanita.  She participated in many concerts of humanitarian character as well as her colleagues’ concerts (Arsen Dedic, Oliver Dragojevic, Goran Karan, Klapa Luka, Marko Tolja…)
At the first CMC festival, held in Pula in 2008, she presented herself with the song Kisa, composed by Robert Funcic.



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