Power Theory

Power Theory


Power Theory was envisioned and created in 2007 by Bob “BB” Ballinger with the intention to form a True Metal band with a mix of the NWOBHM, 80’s German Power Metal, and a little bay area Thrash thrown in to shake it up.
Dave Santini (RiffRaff, , Monzterzero and Evil Jester) and Bob “BB” Ballinger (Colossus, Night Myst) met in 2008 have become like long lost brothers who’ve reunited, and found a missing extension of each other with a DÉJÀ VU like ability to write music together. Bob and Dave spent the last quarter of 2008 writing and arranging material and along with original bassist, Jason Tete, and a few different temporary drummers, hit the Philadelphia, Pa and Trenton, NJ area stages in early 2009 and started playing what would amount 30+ shows in the next year and a quarter, and also completed writing, arranging, and recording the debut album “Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire” at with Jason Grosse at 1021 Studios in Tullytown, PA.
Power Theory literally became a Tight Metal Machine playing live shows and transferring that energy right into the recording studio with a musical vision completely in-sync, and recorded the demo “Metal Forever”. They immediately struck up a friendship and gained a huge fan in Bob Kudler, owner/operator of Metal MainiAxe Radio in Old Bridge, NJ and gained international airplay on Live365.com radio.
The band then immediately started to record an 11 song full length debut album at 1021 Studios as well, in between gigs which was completed in June 2010.
Bob realized that the bands best options of getting signed to a label would be in Germany or Europe and decided in July 2010 to pursue hiring Legendary producer and audio engineer Achim Koehler (Sacred Steel, Primal Fear, Sinner, Brainstorm) to Master the debut album and acquire the right “European” metal sound. Achim agreed and did a phenomenal job.
In mid September 2010, armed with promotional copies of “Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire” mastered by Achim Koehler, the full length debut cd containing the cover artwork “Into the Lake of Fire” by Howard David Johnson, Power Theory aggressively sought a record deal.
Pure Steel Records subsequently re-packaged the CD with amazing phot-artwork by Drew Foster and Jennifer Gentile from The Savvy Image Photography and released the album worldwide on April 29th, 2011 at annual The “Keep it True” festival in Germany.
The band hit the stages hard with a live drummer in support of the release, and immediately started recording a follow-up full length cd to be titled “An Axe to Grind” with a late 2011/2012 release date targeted. Jason Tete decided to pursue a custom guitar building company and left the band in May 2011 and the band added Jay Pekala (Colossus, Last Rites) on bass completing our most solid back line to date. Jay brings the classic true metal bass player styling’s of Joey DeMaio and Steve Harris to the band, as well as very strong song writing skills.
Realizing the potential was in place for the follow up cd to be much heavier and stronger songwriting with Jay Pekala on board, Power Theory proudly added a fulltime kick-ass metal drummer who desired to be a committed member in Lorin Savadore (a veteran of the Philly Metal Scene). Lorin’s drumming and enthusiasm ensures the band will achieve “the next level”.
The band has just recently commissioned the world famous artist Eliran Kantor (Testament, Gwar, Atheist) to create the cover artwork for the forthcoming release “An Axe to Grind.
. Power Theory is now reaching out to their fan-base through their newly created website at http://www.powertheory.net , as well http://www.PureSteel-Records.com, or http://www.puresteel-shop.com/POWER-THEORY-Out-of-the-Ashes-Into-the-Fire-and-other-Tales-of-Insanity_1
To be continued …….



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