Captain Cincere

Captain Cincere


Captain Cincere The raw honest sound of the musical artist Captain came out of the slums of Cincinnati, Toronto, and San Diego, where he encountered the despair of the urban environment garmented by race, crime and yearning for meaning. It was in this environment where he found solace in music. Captain Cincere always had a passion for music. At the tender age of four when he debuted at a venue in Cincinnati alongside his father [Ras Sojie]. Through his adolescence he honed his skills by singing covers. Eventually as he grew into his own voice he developed a unique style and vision for his music. At the age of twelve his mentor Zorro B who was also a renown DJ, showed him the ropes of the trade. This was when his talent had ripened into a sound if his own and he performed his first original song “Doing Crime” in front of a live audience. This process and entanglement with music only expanded his curiosity to tackle diverse issues in his music such as God, love, complex issues of the street and urban nihilism that seemed to confirm his purpose in the medium of music so that he could resonate as others just trying to survive. Recently, “Paradise in Heaven” was released. The battles that occurred during a number of appearances with Black Zone sound system were key moments where his music was brought to the fore-ground and his powers as a lyrical poet were recognized. With a debut cd in the works, there is no stopping Captain Cincere and his deep-seeded wisdom in his songs.

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