Jmotens been making beatz for about 13 years. Growing up in a very talented musical family. Starting way back from his grandmother being a beautiful singer and guitarist to his father singing the blues and gospel music, with a beautiful powerhouse voice, that has brought tears to the eyes of many. Also, watching his father pick up instruments that he has never played and over time begin to play them as if it was second nature to him. We’re talking the guitar, the piano, the harmonica, etc. A very talented man. A very inspiring man also. So much that at a very young age JMOTEN and all 4 of his siblings began to sing and became very interested in music but only 3 persued it. JMOTEN and 2 of his sisters began to sing at church, talent shows, etc. In Jr High JMOTEN sang in the honors choir called: Excalibur) and was told by the choir director herself that he had the best voice that she had ever heard in all her years of directing choirs. And, to him that was a great achievment.

As the years passed by…. JMOTEN started becoming less interested in the vocals above the beat and became more interested in the beat under the vocals. He started making beats with whatever he could find. Using his hands and a pencil: Hands as the drum kick and the Pencil for the hats and snares). Paying more attention to what really made people move and got people listening, which is the heart of the song. The BEAT. So….. on Christmas at the age of 18 , he was bought his first beat machine. A gift from his older brother a BOSS-DR5. He then learned how to to play it on his own without a manual. Just by exploring the machine the way he wanted too. Manuals never really made much sense to him. After learning the basics of the DR5 he began making beats and showing them to family, friends, friends of friends, and so on… But the thing about it was everyone really liked them and thought they were fresh. Which inspired him to take his beats to another level! He started getting better at the beats but didnt have enough equipment to give himself more of a challenge. To see how good he really could be.

Becoming more and more frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t get more equipment, he just stopped making beats all together. Until one day he told himself that” if this is my dream, and what I want and love to do, and believe that this is my gift then I have to make this happen for myself”. And so……after years of buying, losing, and selling equipment and mastering his technique. We now have the impressively versatile one and only JMOTEN Tha Beast On Tha Beatz!!!!




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