ZANA.M aka Zanatastic

ZANA.M aka Zanatastic


Zana has always had a strong passion for music ever since she was a little girl. She used to sing with her toy microphone daydreaming she would be a star someday. She also developed a love for songwriting. and participated in a songwriting club in her elementary school. Her talent for singing and writing gained recognition at national competitions resulting in several awards.

Zana loved Jazz since she was young as. She listened to great singers like Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn But, the first and foremost,influence she felt was Soul Music.James Brown ArethaFranklin At age 18, she began her music career singing at Clubs in and out of Japan. HOLDING ON TO THE DREAM of working with great artists all over the world one day. She set out to America to record her first record with producers in california doing the first 6 song of her new music. Zana has also been working as a model. She has experience on runways as well as on several covers of magazine. Utilizing all her experiences to date, she has high aspirations and is truly on her way to becoming a worldwide force in the industry a true entertainer who inspires her global audience she is being represented by HEARTTHROB MANAGEMENT TEAM AND PRODUCTIONS and is currently traveling between Los Angeles and working with Carmen Grillo former Tower of Power and Sun’s of Champlins guitarist.and also Gavin Christopher who has written and produced such artist as Chaka Khan Herbis Hancock Grandmaster Flash Zana is a prolific songwriter in her own right and peened several songs on her new cd to be released in the summer as her management co and manager Marc Berman of American Ent Inc is,looking forward to her explosion on the music scene.

 ZANA.M aka Zanatastic

2011 world super model Miss Japan


ZANA M – “Sexy Automatic”


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