Another Door

Another Door


Have you ever felt like you are stuck in an endless, monotonous circle you call life? Where routine sets in and you are seemingly running on auto-pilot. Well, if you have not, then you are one of the lucky few and the proud peeps living their lives fully. In 2008, five guys were not so fortunate.
They hail from different walks of life, different worlds and were stuck in that same old endless cycle of day-to-day living. However, they all connected on one thing, music and their style is quite broad. A revolutionary step into a promising new future. Powerful lyrics lean heavily on their individual beliefs and their melodies are a unique blend of the old and the new that puts them in an entirely different genre from the norm.
Since 2008, they have been trying to open that other door that will lead them to a promising future. Not only for their own goals and piece of mind, but for the ones they care for as well. That is what Another Door is all about, giving the people they hold close a better life, writing killer tunes and expressing themselves along the way is almost seen as an added bonus. The guys from Another Door write all their own music such as, No Chance, Feel Right and Crimson to name a few. They also play music from Godsmack, Lit, Blur, Puddle Of Mud, and Green Day to name a few. With three guitar players Another Door writes their music based off of those three guys. In turn they deliver some very integrate and dynamic compositions.

The band went off the local scene for a brief period near the end of 2010, but brought in 2011 with new material on the drawing board and a new member. With two of the five being in their 40’s and three under 30, the band brings together a blend of traditional/classic rock, hard rock, metal, progressive rock and a shot of fusion. Together, they are Another Door!

Another Door


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