Maxlink AkA Dark Angel

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel


ULTRASTAR? When in the 2nd grade, other kids walked in line to the auditorium, but i marched with the music.Started studing it at the age of ten. Composing at the age 12,Singing at 14yrs. Did’nt know music was a real business, because the trapping was so invisible! Well, thats all changed now,and it’s my pleasure to entertain you!!

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel

As as a child it seemed like i could’nt get enough of western movies,and i am sure that has something to do with my present day life style.I was’nt to fond of music as a child, but i did it anyway. I played kettledrums in grammer school, and piano at home. I was seen by one of  the well known “MOMENTS” who helped me visualize my voice style.At this point in my life i feel that i’m more of an actor/singer/entertainer/arranger.


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