Azriel St. Michael

Azriel St. Michael


Lead singer for BLACK SUN.
Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Azriel St. Michael wrote his first short story, at the age of 10. In his early teens, Azriel discovered the writings of Robert E.
Howard, and his life-long love affair with fantasy fiction and art began.
In 2000 he formed the hard rock band Skank, playing bars and various other venues across Canada and opened at out door festivals for such acts as Warrant, Billy Idol, Nazareth, Survivor, Cheap Trick and April Wine.
In 2007 he founded the Canadian rock band Jezebels Kiss along with drummer Byron Black. In the spring of 2008, Azriel began recording their debut effort, Positive Hostility with producer Ryan Andersen, well-known for his work with Canadian rockers Nickelback, Ian Thornley, Hinder, AC/DC, and Theory of a Deadman.
Positive Hostility was released by Dynasty Records Distribution and is available throughout North America from your favorite music retailers as well as on internet sources such as and iTunes.
The first single from Positive Hostility-CUT-was released in 2010 to rock radio in Canada. Plans for several other singles were scrapped when Jezebels Kiss disbanded in early 2011, a move which prompted Azriel to venture forward as a solo artist.

“I was the only original member left,” Az states simply. “With everyone else gone or committed to other projects and ventures, I had no intention of doing the Guns n Roses thing.”
With a brand new album in the works, expect to see Azriel and his band performing live at a venue near you throughout the United States and Canada this year.
His song “Let Me Go” is featured on the JUST ROCK compilation album from Moiko Records.
“Without You”, the first single from his yet-unreleased album is scheduled for release to rock radio in July. It has been chosen as the theme song for Prime Factor Films release Checkmate.
Azriel’s book “Bedtime Stories For Naughty Children” is available exclusively on his FaceBook fansite through Shemyaza Press.


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