J Fields

J Fields


Born in Detroit, Michigan, J Fields is a nationally touring Hip-Hop artist and performer with a passion for music that moves people. He strongly believes in the power of positive energy and using music to inspire individuals to be the best they can be. Fields has risen from hardship, all the way to creating his own independent label, Black Polarbare Game (BPG), which he aspires to help talented musicians pursue their dreams.

BPG is more than just music- it’s a lifestyle, and to Fields, it’s life. His respect for others and a passion for living a healthy life, are what drives him to be great. When asked why he makes his music, he smiles and says, “I do it for my family.” Family has been an inspiration for Fields throughout his many years of writing music and creating an original art form. With their unconditional support and undying love, Fields is driven to continue this successful path he has created from the ground up. The world can only anticipate what this talented musician has in store for the future.
Stay tuned for updates, brand-new tracks, and the dropping of the new album entitled, “NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS”, in stores Spring 2012.




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