Celena Santa Cruz



Celena Santa Cruz Is A 21 Year Old Aspiring Singer, Songwriter, Belly Dancer & Actress. Her Goal Is To Inspire People Through Her Music & Represent Raw Talent. Celena Santa Cruz Has Been Influenced By Numerous People But Examples Of Some Of The Musicians She Admires Are, Beyonce, Selena & So Many More. She Began Singing As Far Back As Five Years Old But Growing Up, She Was Always Too Shy To Show People That She Actually Could Sing. As She Graduated High School In 2008, She Realized That Singing Has Always Been Her Dream & That It Was Time To Step Into The Spotlight & Not Let Fear Hold Her Back. Currently, She Is Making A Name For Herself In Her Hometown Of Tucson, AZ & Expanding Throughout Arizona Building Up A Fanbase & Showing The World That The 5’2, R&B/Hip Hop/Pop Singing Latina, Is Not Interested Whatsoever In Being A One-Hit-Wonder, & Is Here To Stay! Check Her Out At: youtube.com.celenasantacruz reverbnation.com/celenasantacruz or facebook.com/celenasmusic

Celena Santa Cruz- “Ima Have Me Some Fun” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


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