In 1986 a star was born “DEONTA GRUBBS” A.K.A: “2 FRESH SHAWTY”, Born in Atlanta GA. At the age of four he moved to Prosperity SC. He wasn’t like the average kids, that played games or went outside. He would always run around the house rapping and trying to sing. At the age of thirteen he wrote his first song call “That’s Me” but he never record it.
Two years later he joined a group call the “Untouchables” his brother “ROBIN RUFF” ask him to join the team, so he did. A month later recorded his first single “Ride Out”, which did good in the streets. A few months later 2 Fresh Shawty wanted to try new things, that’s when he left the “untouchables” and started rapping with “LIL WORLD ENT”. The label was doing very well until the CEO didn’t like certain things he was doing. So he decided to do his own thing. Now 2 Fresh Shawty has accomplish six mix/tapes under his belt. One of his mix/tape was very successful, “BOSS OF THE CITY” Sold a thousand units in a week. His first album will be coming out in 2012. 2 Fresh Shawty is on the rise, so keep your eyes and ears open for this young man.



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