Eleni Mylona

Eleni Mylona


Eleni Mylona is an acclaimed artist, born and raised in Cyprus. She has been a vocalist and a performer since 2001, after winning a place in the finals of the famous music competition “Na i Efkeria” in Greece. Ever since she has had the opportunity to collaborate with famous Greek artists, including Yiannis Spanos, Vicki Mosholiou, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Antonis Mitselos and Morfo Tsaireli. Since 2007, Eleni Mylona is based in London, where she has completed her degree in Music Performance and Music Production, and had the opportunity to explore the London music scene. During this time, Eleni has worked with brazilian guitarist and producer EdO Portugal and also performed as a backing vocalist for Michelle and Marcia Escoffery. Eleni Mylona has performed in many well established venues, including The Union Chapel in 2010, as a solo artist. Her work as a composer started in 2008 and more extensively continued since 2010, experimenting with jazz, world and electronic music. Her each performance has been outstanding, through her emotionally charged interpretation and unique approach as a versatile performer, mixing beautifully sounds from all over the world.


Melange “Eleni Mylona – song from Mulholland Drive” – 27/02/2011




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