Kristina Korban

Kristina Korban


Kristina Korban
All eyes are drawn to the 21 year old leggy blonde as KRISTINA KORBAN glides into the room. Trained in dance since childhood, her fluid lines command attention. Statuesque and mesmerizing, her feline grace and athletic lines set her apart from the other models. There is a silent power in every step. From the runway to the golf pro billboards in the Ukraine, KRISTINA KORBAN is the new power set to conquer.

The thrilling beat of “DJ DJ DJ” and mesmerizing sound of “Ecstasy” hovers in the mind while KRISTINA KORBAN captures hearts. The edgy dance beats showcase the collaboration with producers Bobby Kellum aka “Chase” and “Adonis.” The singles poise to capture the market, infecting audiences with the need to get up and dance. The music video will execute the sexy dance style of the athletic innovator and a sizzling brand that leaves audiences infected and addicted to the new sound of KRISTINA KORBAN.

A camera buff since the age of five, KRISTINA KORBAN is the Executive Producer of “Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!” starring Carmen Electra. The film is a natural transition for the Pepperdine grad who worked with New Generation Films during her college career. Her vision for film showcases her bold, confident style and her penchant for contemporary subjects that touch the emotion and stimulate the brain while entertaining audiences. She too has landed a role in an upcoming comedy starring Danny Glover.

KRISTINA KORBAN was born in Kiev, Ukraine. A fragile child, her parents brought her at the age of three to the United States to nurture her and create a new destiny. Her passion for perfection and her need to express have made KRISTINA KORBAN a music artist, dancer, model, producer and actress. She blends quick wit and Hollywood glam with the curious girl next door to raise the bar. She is the whisper of promise like a rainbow after the storm. Audiences just can’t get enough of KRISTINA KORBAN.



This is Your Night (Automatic Panic Remix)



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