Moni P

Moni P



„Like the weather, Moni P is a force, changing often and at a whim, at times breathtaking and graceful, other times forceful, compelling and almost dangerous. Growing up in Szczecin, her first dream was to be an athlete, and she did well in contests and championships in Poland before finding her true halling as a singer songwriter. Since then, she has performed many high profile shows, notably, she opened the Superjedynki Opole Festival (the largest festival in Poland) in 2006 together with Polish showman Krzysztof Skiba. Her group Mopi came together in 2007 in Szczecin, when she joined by Chance as a replacement singer, and soon became the rage in Polish clubs and concert halls, as well as on Myspace, where she has an international fanbase. Piotrowska worked odd jobs while singing in the band, worked with children, and as a personal advisor in the District Labour Office in Police helping people at risk of social exclusion. A scorching beauty that commands the stage with an exotic presence and aggressive stance, her lyrics convey worldly themes of love and longing, with an infectious manner. Her clever phasing is propelled by a strong, flexible, emotional voice that will stop you in your tracks. Because she lives slightly under the radar in Poland, the world hasn¹t Quito caught on yet, but it soon will. Moni P recorded in States in October at Bennett Studios with Grammy winning engineer Dae Bennett (Tony Bennett), and producer/guitarist David Malachowski (Shania Twain, Savoy Brown, Commander Cody) and a group of world-class musicians including Gary Burke (Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, Rick Danko) Pete Levin (Annie Lennox, Paul Simon) Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) Daniel A Weiss (Joan Osborne), Lorenza Ponce ( J. Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow..), Peter Sachon ( Billy Joel…) Moni P mania is about to explode be prepared!”

After moving to Poznan in 2011 Moni P began to work on her new musical project. She also appears on albums of some other artists

Speed Away – Moni P



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