Salvatore Sgarlata

Salvatore Sgarlata


I have recently recorded the song “Another World: 2012 (Charity Single)” 50% of the proceeds will go to charity and we have chosen UNICEF. The song is available to buy on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon. Please download as it goes to a very worthy cause.

I am a singer/songwriter based in Ayr, Scotland. I sing in other languages including: Italian, French & Spanish. I was interested in music from a young age – I sang in a choir, at private events and on live broadcast as well as having tried my hand at a number of instruments. Despite years of performing at many, including iternational venues, my career never came in to focus; until recently. I set myself the task of finding a publisher. I found Erik McCall.

Erik McCall (former lead guitarist of EASE) is currently my manager and publisher. With Erik I have created my début single “Tell Me Baby”. It was written by Erik McCall with additional music and lyrics from myself. To date: “Tell Me Baby” is in three languages.

The “Tell Me Baby” line up is:
Salvatore Sgarlata: Lead vocals; keys; songwriter.
Ryan Sutherland-Charlton: Rhythm guitar; bass; drum fills;lead guitar.
Erik McCall: Lead guitar on Demo version; songwriter; keys.

Coming soon there will be lots of songs. The style is a unique mix of rock/pop/jazz. I hope there will always be something for everyone in my music.

Another World 2012 (Charity Single)




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