Diana Haddad

Diana Joseph El Haddad from South Lebanon originated, is born on the 1st of October in Bsalim. She is the 3rd born between 2 older brothers and one younger brother & sister. Diana was raised in Kuwait and educated in “Al Feheheel National School”, where shewas a good student & a trouble maker. When she was young, her parents and neighbours called her “Hasan Sabi”. She used to steal Chocolates from under the bed of her grandfather and ran away without scares.

Diana’s musical talents were apparent as she was 8 years old where she would sing at school National day’s parties, encouraged by her friends and teachers. In 1990, the Gulf war reached Kuwait, so Diana and her family had to move back to Lebanon after 14 years of their life there.

In 1992, Diana got her degree in computer programming. Diana presented her 1st titled Tayr Al Yamama” written and composed byElias Abu Ghazali in Studio Al Phan and she got the 4th rank all over Lebanon and since, a star was born In 1995 Diana Haddad got Married to Suhail Al Abdool, a director from Emirates, and they are gifted by a lovely daughter called Sofi. Diana has more than 23 clips, most of them were all directed by her husband. “law ma dkhalet bi rassi” was directed by Sofi Boutros”, “mas was loli andAadi” were directed by Leila Kannan.
Her first CD was in 1996 called “Saken”, which was an immediate hit & gained huge success in the Arab World. Saken was at the origin of Diana’s popularity and success. In October 1996 Diana participated at a Chtaura Festival in Lebanon where she sanga selection of Saken album and her famous “Meejana-Ataba-Dalona” & Aneeda song.

Diana’s third album. Ammaneh (Oct 1997) got an amazing success & has been listed as the highest record-breaking performance and the only Arabic charts topper for more than 4 months.1998 was “Yammaya’s” album year then “Shater” in 1999.By these five albums Diana became an exclusive star & all the professionals in this field noticed Diana’s ability to sing fluently in Egyptian, Iraqi, Khaleeji, Badawi and of course in Lebanese.
In June 2000, she released her 6th album “Jarh El Habeeb” It reached the highest albums sales in 2000 & upon the album was released that the songs (Mani Mani, Jarh El Habeeb, Adala Aleik) went up directly at the first place of the Arabic charts where that stayed at the top for several & months.

In July 1998, at 21 years old, Diana participated in three amazing concerts in Jarash-Jordan, another important artistic and cultural festival. Diana’s performance was a real success at her first participation in Jarash Festival. In May 1997 Diana made her first concert in Paris Aqua boulevard Theatre cheered by a hot dancing crowded Arabic Community there. In September 1998.

she made her first concert in Stockholm (Sweden) where more than 2000 people and 300 Swedish nationals attended her concert and many Swedish press wrote about Diana’s successful concert in their press.
In October 1998 Diana made her firsttour in America and Canada where she sang in more than 15 states. During hercareer Diana participated in many social and national events where she released special songs and clips such as: Al Him Al Arabi, Al Shamaa, Wasiyat Hob a duet with Wael Kfoury, Asma Belad with Aseel Bu Baker and Rashed El Majed, Al Haq Yukatbo Min Dami dedicated to the Palesinian Entifada,Mnawar Bladik, Operate Um Al Shuyookh, Na’am Zayed andBeydak El Qarar. Diana enjoys Travelling, Sports, She is a huge fan of shopping especially buying clothes and perfumes.

If Diana wasn’t a singer, she would have liked to be an Archeologist. Even she became famous, Diana has a heart of a Baby and she is able to touch everybody’s heart.


Diana Haddad – Galat Diana / ديانا حداد – قالت ديانا ديانا حداد – قالت ديانا


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