Laura White



First coming to the public conscience as the contestant most controversially expelled from the final 12 contestants of last year’s X Factor, Laura is soon to be known more for her incredible vocal tone and delivery, and the hook laden songs that grab you from first listen and don’t let go.

Laura’s debut single ‘You Should Have Known’ is released on the 2nd November 2009.
Hey guys, welcome to my profile! it’s taken a while for things to settle as Ive been so, so busy but thank you for hanging around and supporting my music. The past few months have been crazy with gigs (meeting you guys!!), the tour and all the studio sessions working with different writers etc but now I am back and you are gonna love the new music!

The single YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN has been chosen by you and I hope you enjoy the upcoming album! I am so, so excited for this and hope you guys support my music as much as possible!

I love you all and enjoy hearing from you as much as poss so leave messages on my various fan sites when you can, and I will read and respond to them all. Gotta go now as I am rehearsing for my Promo Tour and hope you can all come see me if you can!

Love Laura xxx

Laura White – You Should Have Known – Official Video



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