Broken Sylence



Broken Sylence was formed in late 1998 when ex-drummer Richie Escalante introduced his roommate bassist Sean O’Neill to vocalist / rhythm guitarist Matt Dau. The 3 started collaborating on songs right away and realized they were in need of another guitar player. Sean’s younger brother Gwillym O’Neill was added to the band as the lead guitarist which gave the guys a more complete sound. Richie took a leave from the band for personal reasons and Chris Martinez joined up as the new drummer. Martinez also introduced us to another lead guitarist named Chris Maggard. This turned out to be a great move having 2 lead guitar players. It also gave Matt more room to concentrate on his vocals. Drummer Chris Martinez didn’t stay long and Richie was back on the skins once again. After getting enough original songs together we headed to the studio to record some music. Our 1st CD was titled “Addiction To Madness” and came out in June of 2001. Around a year later current drummer Gary Kessler stepped in and gave the band a big kick in the ass with his amazing drumming capabilities. Gary is a childhood friend of the O’Neill brothers and also jammed with them in the early 90’s. Chris Maggard has since left Broken Sylence but still plays and records original songs. Broken Sylence tried to finish the 2nd CD in two different studios and failed to get it done both times. The guys stay in touch and keep writing original songs.

Status: Come check out our band page on Facebook and click the link to “LIKE” us.


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