Sol Anderson



Sol Anderson was born and raised in Philadelphia. He began singing at the age of 3 with some help from his Mom and the radio. Sol has many influences when it comes to his music and variety of different writing styles from R&B,POP, Gospel, Country and Jazz. He has opened up for the likes of John Legend, Neyo as well as other major acts. His gift is undeniable and his heart for others to do well is equally as important to him.This gifted singer, songwriter, and arranger has over…come many obstacles in his life to become one of the most interesting and influential talents today. Join him on his journey that will take this singer across the globe to bless others with his God given talents. In his words” I believe that we have a responsibility as Artist to create the right images and to do the right things to reach as many people as possible with what gifts we are given. As Artist we must remember what we can do in the lives of others to be a positive influential voices in today’s diverse world”.

Sol Anderson

Smart, funny, and introspective, Sol Anderson has paid many dues in his life from growing up in the rough streets of philly to struggling through college working a full time gig and going to school full-time.. To be continued….


Was It The Way- Sol Anderson






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