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College Funding Solutions.

We have helped thousands of families, regardless of their income levels, pay for the college of their choice, and still save for retirement.

Colleges are in the business of providing higher education to our nation.
The key word here is business. Institutions have a very definite business approach when it
comes to offering admission and funding to a prospective student.

For example, a college or university will typically offer admission to three (3) times as many
students as they need. Why? They know that only one-third of those offered admission will
attend and the remaining two-thirds won’t. Colleges want their seats full, and will typically
over-book the flight to make sure they are. It’s not good or bad – it’s simply business.
The good news is that you can turn the process in your favor by making yourself as attractive as
possible to the schools and keeping your options open.

Although private-sector scholarships make up only 3% of the funding awarded annually,
students still spend countless hours searching and applying for these awards.
Why? Because they help offset the ever-rising cost of a higher education – or do they?
It takes hard work and dedication to receive private-sector scholarship money. You must locate
the sources, gather the recommendation letters, write the essays, and meet the application
deadlines. Next, you wait for the results. Finally, if things are in your favor, you win an award,
or maybe even two or three. All of your hard work has finally paid off – or has it? Did you know
that most colleges deduct your private-sector awards from the institutional gift money you
have already been offered?

Simply put, your private-sector scholarship money most often goes back into the school’s
coffer, and is eventually given to another student. Who really benefited from all your hard
work? Exactly, the college! Your funding package still contains the same proportion of gift aid
(free money) and self-help aid (money that is worked for or borrowed). The college’s
“contribution” is simply less.
Can this be avoided? How can you make your efforts pay dividends for you?

To ensure their seats remain filled with the best blend of good students and paying
customers, colleges commonly offer admission to three, four, or even five times as many
students as they need each year.

For example, if a college needs 800 new freshmen, they will generally offer admission to 2,400,
knowing ahead of time that only one out of three will actually attend. The top third are the
most attractive and are offered funding accordingly.
What third will you be in? Do you know what you can do about it?
Did you know that of the 3 million new students who begin college each year, less than 50%
attain a 4 year degree?

That is right. Only about 48% will ever receive their degree. Why are so many students forced
to drop out? The number one reason is money! They didn’t plan to fail. They simply failed to

Today, 94% of all families today have no plan in place to fund their children’s college

Without our help, some people become so overwhelmed by the confusing process of applying
for colleges and securing financial aid that they may decide to empty their company-provided
retirement programs (if they even have one).

Many make unnecessary but serious errors along the way that can cause them to take on huge
loans to pay for their child’s college education. Even worse, some parents give up and simply
tell even their most promising students that they just can’t afford to send them to college at all
— these actions are just not necessary!

Why Comprehensive College Planning Services?
Of the 3 million new students who begin college each year, less than half attain a 4 year
degree! (Only about 48% actually do.) Why are so many students forced to drop out? The
number one reason – money! They didn’t plan to fail; they simply failed to plan.

A recent study indicated that 94% of parents who have high school aged children have not
saved enough money to pay for their college education. That’s not surprising, as a college
education can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $180,000.
College is a business – big business.

You wouldn’t pay sticker price when purchasing a new car and you shouldn’t pay sticker price
for your child’s education. In many cases, colleges are more than eager to help contribute to
the educational costs of students from affluent families. We’ll tell you why.

College – a distant dream for some young high school students, a source of worry for many

Although college is affordable and attainable for nearly everyone, there’s one major catch: you
must start early.
If your student is a freshman, sophomore, or junior, actions taken now will put them in the best
position to receive college admission with generous scholarships and grants. If your student is
a senior, there is not a moment to lose if you want to secure adequate funding at a college of
their choice. Learn how!

Do you have a child or grandchild who is in high school and wants to go to college?
Are you worried about ever-rising college expenses? Are you looking for answers regarding
funding, scholarships, deadlines, and applications? What about high school preparation, SAT
testing, career planning, majors, college selection and admission? The list just seems to go on
and on!

I have completed the additional education required to be qualified to present the “College
Graduate” program and facilitate the financial strategies unique to college funding and

So, if you are wondering who gets the most money for college and why, as well as what you
need to do now if you have a high school student to help them get the best college education at
the best cost, call me.

Why are some colleges and guidance counselors so concerned over a family hiring a
professional educational consultant?

To find the answer, you must first understand that college is not only essential and expensive,
but it is also a business. Most everyone is familiar with the necessity of a college education and
the expense involved, but far too many fail to understand the business aspect.
Although funding for college was originally intended for those who need it most, it actually goes
to those who know the most about the process. The more you know, the more you get!
Likewise, the less you know, the less you are likely to receive.

Since the colleges themselves are the single, largest source of funding, especially the “free”
money; it would stand to reason that dealing with uninformed consumers is ideal. This explains
statements like: “you can do it yourself, for free” and “you don’t need to hire anyone to help

Many are mislead into thinking that if the forms are free, the process must be easy. Actually, it
is exactly opposite. There are so many variables involved and details to consider, most families
simply don’t have the time to do the necessary research, devise a plan, and stay on track
throughout the entire process.

The free forms are not the focus, knowing how to complete them to your best advantage is.
For instance, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the government’s required
funding application that helps determine a student’s financial need (keep in mind that the
FAFSA is a very small part of the overall process).

The FAFSA asks for assets and earnings, very similar to income tax returns. Many questions on
the FAFSA are confusing, with “no” room for error. There are dozens of strategies that must be
followed in order to complete the FAFSA most effectively.

The answers given on the FAFSA are just like those given on tax forms – they determine how
much you pay!

Like the FAFSA, income tax forms are also “free.”

However, nobody seems to be overly
concerned about people hiring a professional to assist with tax returns. If tax forms, codes and
laws are all available for free, why do people hire accountants? Simply put, they don’t want to
pay more than their fair share of tax.

Do you want to pay more than your fair share of college costs? It makes you think – how much does free really cost?

Gavin Mora

Southern Financial Group Inc.
California Headquarters

1715 South Bascom Ave Suite 101
Campbell, CA 95008

408-661-5084 Cell
408-351-4850 Fax

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