Nova The Rebel


Nova The Rebel has enormous swagger, combined with a witty sense of humor but realistic music. He has got a knack for creating choruses and always writes his own music.In 2012, the 28 year old feels that he knows so much more about promotion and all around business and most definitely feels that he wants to take advantage of that at this point.If you get anything from Nova’s music, you realize his message is for you to be you, make sure that you’re a leader and to enjoy your life but protect what’s yours as well.

Nova The Rebel

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH the 80’s baby who now goes by Nova The Rebel, started out at the age of 7 just rapping and freestyling, making little low quality tapes on his karaoke machine.  Nowadays, he’s recording in studios located in his hometown of Cleveland, as well as recording in New York.  He was discovered by the Indie New York label K-Class Music who at sometime back when boasted, Angelous, the underground rapper known most for his vocal tone which sounds similar to rapper Jay-Z’s, also the man behind “Manic Mondays”, K.Sparks, and now G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi who has dropped numerous mixtapes since he joined the team.

Undergound Rebel Vol. 1, Underground Rebel Vol. 2, the Compilation Mixtape GrindTeam USA “Chain of Affiliates”, Familiar Portraits, Life Under Lights and Life Under Lights 1.5.  He’s also been working with a former member of Da Beatminerz, Baby Paul aka BpZy.  Nova The Rebel was featured in the audio section of, (audio section with K.Sparks),, has been on DJ Sireel’s The Bailout Plan mixtape, has appeared on numerous K.Sparks and Angelous mixtapes, featured on Joey Fingaz mixtape “Say Hello To My Little Friend”, has been featured on the Cleveland based rap dvd “Block to Block” parts 2 and 3, led the intro. for Cleveland based hip-hop show “Did it Happen Overnight?” which came on public access television, has performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as Peabodys Concert Club, Rockstar Rock Lounge and the 20/20 Martini Lounge.  He has been interviewed and featured in Cleveland based magazine, “B-Fly”, interviewed and spotlighted on, interviewed on Ms. Kitty Williams Radio Show, is a regular on 89.3 FM the Cleveland State University radio station, was the First Champion of Cleveland based rap battle ground “Spitboxing” (which was a place where the battle rappers engaged in verbal combat), interviewed on Urbanunionradio with DJ Ice Mike and Chef and his single “Paper Callin” was also spotlighted on DJ Latin Assassin’s Z107.9 FM Cleveland Homejamz which generated radio spins on the radio station, and is currently nominated for an Ohio Hustle award for Lyricist of the Year.

Nova the Rebel has completed his project entitled “Rebel Wednesdays” in which he released a new track via twitter, facebook, and every Wednesday for 30 weeks.  So far this year he has been featured on several Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, DJ Ames International Hustle 1.5 hosted by Ace Hood and presents In The Studio Booth volume 2. All seven of Nova’s mixtapes can be downloaded via Dat Piff.

He has recently won Lyricist of the Year at the 2011 Awards, 2 Rebel Army Radio Awards; People’s MC and Artist’s MC and will be performing at the awards show on Oct. 1, 2011. He is also currently nominated for the 2011 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Lyricist of the Year. So this guy is doing things but is really poised to take off at this point!

Nova the Rebel has enormous swagger, combined with a witty sense of humor but realistic music.  He has got a knack for creating choruses and always writes his own music.

I think it’s time for the world to see what they’ve been missing.

Nova the Rebel [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – SunSplash Freestyle


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