Titan7 & SnaxRedd



My Name is Titan of 7 aka Ricardo S. Lawrence
I was born Sept. 11 1980 – present
Im a writer, a artist, and a drawer. I was born in Augusta, Ga and Raised in the Military. My father and Mother are still alive. I worked all my life but music is my ultimate enjoyment. I have lived some of everywhere but I claim Macon,Ga my first home and Sandersville, Ga my second. I have two Daughters thats my pride and Joy I love them to death. I been writing poetry since 6 years old and I began writing music at the age of 8 years old. Im a realist and a hard worker. I make music for the soul.not just to make it..Ive been working toward my goal of being success for a minute I have worked with talented artist like Bizzare from D-12 and have meet many other Artist that are in my field of work. Im 6″0″ and wieght 175 Im a father first before Im anything else. I have two beautiful daughters and I am single.. so ladies get at me






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