THE JETPAXX is a popular American band that fuses the sounds of hip-hop, electro-pop, house music, and alternative rock. The group was created and currently lead by rapper Nate Williams and singer Jordan Gunn. The two linked up during the summer of 2011 while working on their own solo projects. Having been in a band together for 3 years, the two already had musical chemistry together and realized they should put their talents together and soon after JETPAXx was born. It was only a matter of time before a new fresh sound was being created that pushed the definition of what the group consider their “sound”.

THE JETPAXx works mainly in Jordan’s home study using a mixture of Logic Pro and Final Cut to produce their music. The two plan to release their first EP THE JETPAXx – The Handout in August 2011 and are currently working on their studio album. Making good music for good people is their motto, creating messages of positively and freedom in their work. The group can be found in Bear, Delaware performing at local venues around the Delmarva area.


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