Gambirra, an original singer songwriter. An Indigenous artist from Arnhemland, N.T.

Moving provocative rhythms, powerful arresting vocals, a magnetic personality. A unique fusion of soulful roots, world, funk & dub.

Gambirra plays a 12 string guitar with an FX board, producing sophisticated layers of captivating sounds. For her national shows and festivals she is joined on stage with a dynamic five piece outfit (Bass, Keys, Percussionist, Drummer & FX/Sound Engineer).

Gambirra’s songs cross cultural barriers in their depth and significance as reflected in her album ‘The UnKnown’.

Artist’s Statement:

“We delve into the creative, into the unknown. To places of fear, joy, hope, images, sound, colour, words, melody and technology. We are explorers of the unseen and the unknown.

Chartering thru the wondrous and magical oceans of our minds and souls. As the final song in this album says
“enter blind, enter deaf, enter the unknown”.

We all affect one another; we enhance, provoke, embrace, divide, hate & love. Human’s are social creatures – we need each other for reflection, guidance and fulfillment” Gambirra

Debut Album ‘The UnKnown’ is out now. To purchase a hard copy email:


Gambirra – Acoustic Live – Singing “Judging Me Too”




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