Macaronimonkeyz #1 on “Who is Hot” list 2/2/12



This year you will witness the creative expansion of an international star like no other. They’re young. They’re Handsome. They’re talented. And they’re a proven success. Quite frankly, they’re the embodiment of mainstream music – 2.0. As one of Louisiana’s and Texas’ biggest pop star groups(were talking thousands of records sold), Macaroni Monkeyz’s grand entrance to the United States is not only highly anticipated but is warmly welcomed. With their American debut consisting of the self-titled CD hitting store shelves and their digitally released, bass pumping, first single “Got No Money” charting on the Billboard, Macaroni Monkeyz is set to reach out and touch the American music market in a way that has never been done before..!/macaronimonkeyz


New 2012 Justin Bieber – UP Remix ft. Macaroni Monkeyz


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