SAHDAYA is a Songwriter, Singer, Performer, Choreographer and her music combines the feel of today’s Hip Hop & R&B with the classic soul of the 70’s. In fact, SAHDAYA’s song writing, vocal presence, blazing music tracks are seasoned and unmatched to anything out there today. “SAHDAYA SOUL” SAHDAYA is truly a diamond deep in the rough who’s talents have been hidden too long, but no longer. SAHDAYA’s hot tracks, brilliant songwriting, catchy hooks, harmonies, melodies, unique voice and swag are immediately undeniable. SAHDAYA writes and sings to any genre but the classic RnB, Neo-Soul, with a Hard Hip Hop edge is her natural nitch. SAHDAYA is a serious Triple Threat and the story behind it all is truly remarkable, inspirational. and why she’s labeled R&B’s new WONDER WOMAN. Using her talents, creativity & music for strength, SAHDAYA has been able to endure and sustain her music career, motherhood, living on the system, struggling, fighting, wishing & wanting all while suffering from mental illnesses and battling breast cancer . There’s been no obstacles that can stop this girl wonder and nothing but destiny awaites. While searching for a major distribution deal, SAHDAYA is co-owner of THAT NEW SOUL Recordings and is presently marketing & promoting her debut LP “My Musical Love Story part 1”, a 22 Track R&B Classic Monsterpiece with banging club tracks, seductive ballads, inspiring spoken word, and situational interludes that not only entertain, but tells a powerful musical story of her remarkable journey. “My Musical Love Story part 1” is available now on iTunes. The LP features SahDaya’s single and Hot Video “Anygry Luva” which is currently in rotation on college and commercial radio stations nationwide.
Also, SAHDAYA ‘s real life video documentary series “Welcome 2 SahDayaville”debuted on YouTube in October of 2011 with new episodes available to view monthly. This hilarious but inspiring series takes you through a more personal view of SAHDAYA’s daily life towards reaching her dreams and aspirations. SAHDAYA is also writing & recording new music for her sophomore LP “MMLS part 2” scheduled for release summer of 2012. SAHDAYA is a rear find and will inspire millions.


SahDaya transformed her illnesses and life’s daily struggles to a positive and creative remedy by incorporating the inner demons (mental Illnesses) within the latest project, “My Musical Love Story part 1” the album. Vocally SahDaya rips tracks with personalities (Sue, Franq, Cheryl & Lil Cheryl) who all make up SahDaya’s sassy five part harmony and unique sound. Her aspirations include fighting for and enpowering sufferers of mental disabilities, Breast Cancer, and to inspire by being a real life example of the meaning of “never giving up”.  SahDaya is introducing a new sound  and feel for life. This brilliant Singer/Songwriter, Poet is truly inspirational. That New Soul Recordings rejoices and welcomes SahDaya’s talents,  sound and message.  This truly is a clear example of a young woman strong enough to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, live, laugh and survive, no matter what, and the power to pass it on.
SahDaya’s highly anticipated album, “My Musical Love Story part 1,” is now available on iTunes and most other online music stores   It’s a  22 track “monster-piece” including a hot combination of spoken word, hot dance cuts, sexy ballads and powerful messages mixed with incredible music production which embodies the feel of classic R&B from the 70’s to the swag of today’s music and beyond.  SahDaya’s music, brilliant writing, melodies and harmonies are undeniable and will be felt.   Her album is opening eyes, ears and hearts across the world and, one way or another, SahDaya will make a difference.

SahDaya (THE SHOW)


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