..AIMAORA [ aim-ah-or-ah ] Origin: Ancient Greek
New Grind /Thrash /Metel /d jent/ death metal band from the 209.

The band Aimaora was formed in April of 2008 with Bryan King at the helm on guitar. Shane Davidson on bass was found in September of 2008, Jarrod Ridge came in on drums in October of 2009, and through much searching Mike Castanza on vocals appeared in April of 2010. Later that next year with much consideration the band decided to go another route and by letting Mike go and moving Shane up from Bass Guitar to Vocals Aimaora found their new sound. The goal of Aimaora from the beginning was to be the heaviest and most powerful band in the 209 scene. With the band gigging since January of 2008, and having to take a hiatus do to line up changes, they are back in the scene now and with the talent and focus of this band, they are not setting the bar short by any means. With having their demo out only 4 weeks, they found themselves quickly on several radio stations such as 96.7 FM The Rock, and 92.5 FM The Bear; as well as Mad Man Mikes Internet Radio Station out of New York, as well as a feature on Headbangers Ball Radio. Never limiting themselves to stylistic labels, Aimaora pulls from many different inspirations. The band draws from music styles like Metal, Thrash, Groove Metal, Jazz, Funk, Hardcore, Metalcore, punk, ska as well as Deathmetal, and Tech Metal to name a few. With Aimaora the skys is the limit. Commited to repeatedly giving a mind blowing experience with a great live show, Beautiful clarity in their tone as well as well formulated songs that are Heavy and Brutal from the first step, to the last drop of blood to fall from the mosh pit.

Human Disease at Thrashocalypse 2012


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