David D


From Queens, New York, But Now Resides In Jacksonville, FL, Born October 4th 1989, American Hip Hop Artist David D. started writing at the age of 12. “It was more to just pass the time in class because I always seemed to finish my work before every one else. So I’d just take out my pad and start writing. Looking back it was kinda wack, but it rhymed!” The artist said during our interview. When he turned 15 years old he wrote a song entitled “Ketchup On Ya Fries” which was a comedic song about getting high and going to McDonald’s. “My friends loved it, especially ’cause I was a fat kid rapping about food. It was mad funny but it got me respect as a songwriter at a young age from my peers.” As he got older and times changed he started to take more of a serious approach to his work. “I started writing about girls, and how they made me feel. Life, and how it made me feel. I started getting more personal.” He changed his name from Young Promo to David D. because he felt like his music was going in a different direction. Feeling the need to reinvent himself to accomodate the new inspiration. “I wanted people to know they were getting me. My heart. My soul. My passion. David.” With the new change and approach to his writing he went to work and produced the mixtape “Random NOThingZ”, which featured many mainstream beats where David attempted to prove his flow has graduated with versatile and uncanny wordplay, metaphors, and similies. His use of syllables and his signature “Run-Off” verses provided all that was needed to turn heads. “Man, when that dropped. It was like I didn’t have to prove anything to my family anymore. It’s like they understood why I cared so much. It’s all I ever wanted, was for them to understand.” Using the buzz from his recent drop, David went on to create a hip-hop group dubbed “TeaM FLySh*T”. A group of artists that have grown and worked with David throughout his years. “I wanted to help get these guys on. They all have crazy talent and I enjoy each of their personalities. They’re my family and I knew at a young age that I would have to be the one that helped them reach success.” While working with his team he found an ad on Facebook for Def Jam distributed track “Goin Kanye”. There was a contest being held to win the official remix spot. “At first I was like, nah, not gonna submit. But then i listened to the beat and I just felt the words come. So I wrote. I realized that it could definitely be a hit so i submitted. The next day I received an email from the music group and it asked me to provide another verse. So I did. I later received another email stating I had won the contest and would be receiving promotional support from the music group. Needless to say, I flipped!” Now, armed with his team, buzz, and unmatched lyricism, David D. is on a mission to get to the top. “I’ve been doing this for a minute now, and I pride myself in not sounding like the rest of the rappers in Jacksonville. Not to knock their hustle, its just that they all sound alike. It gives us a bad name and promotes us as a mini-Atlanta. That’s not okay. We have the talent to stand with the Lil Waynes, the Eminems, the Jay-Zs and the Drakes. My team is built on the fact and we will prove it.”

Buy “Im Gud!!” On iTUNES!!!

Buy "Im Gud!!" On iTUNES!!!

IM GUD! Live BY David D.


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