Kash Tha Ovadose is not just an artist; he is a statement, a movement, a brand. Sound scan sales have cemented Hip Hop as one of the highest-grossing genres in the history of the music industry. Popular dance music such as Trance, Techno and Electronica are among the fastest growing genres in the music industry. Combine Hip Hop and Electronica, add originality, mix in the outrageous and sprinkle the never-forget-to-be-spontaneous, and that is the sound of the UnderGround Compound.

The UnderGround Compound is the entertainment enterprise established, represented, and expanded by Duane T. Howell, Jr. and Kash Tha Ovadose. The label began to flood the streets with mixtape material via direct contact and Internet downloads. The 1st original album titled, “ Year of the Godz”, was released in 2007, available on Itunes.com, Amazon.com, Bebo.com, and many others. Radioindy.com reviews the album “On ‘The Year Of The Gods,’ Kash Tha Ovadose brings a party hoppin’ album with great beats and lyrics. This CD consistently presents mind blowing rhyming ability.” Rhyming meaning lyrics, lyrics meaning songwriting. Actual Song writing skill is a timeless art that will allow music to sell regardless of the time period. One hit wonders are usually poorly written with a catchy chorus. Lets try a catchy chorus and a well-written song.

Kash’s second album, “The Chosen Won” will be digitally released August 2010 via Itunes.com, Zune.com, Amazon.com and Kashthaovadose.com. Physical cds will be sold at performances and other guest appearances and in bulk to Distributors. The album release event in August serves to support promotion via the DJ network throughout New England and International Club, Dance and Underground Music Scenes. The Underground Compound will release at least three videos promoting the upcoming album singles.

You can purchase “The Chosen Won” on Itunes NOW!


Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes

Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes



Kash tha Ovadose “Created a Monster “


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