Playgyrl Slim


A native of Stockton, CA. Playgyrl Slim has been said to be one of the fastest rising female rap stars on the scene today. She has a unique and different style compared to other female rappers. At age 9 she was already performing in front of crowds, capturing the interest of local promoters. In 1999 she performed with Pimp-A-Lot as the duo R.F.P. (Real Female Pimps) achieving underground success. In 2003 Playgyrl Slim release her solo album titled Who Am I this album moved tremendous amounts of units. Playgyrl Slim has also appeared on several albums and mixtapes from the U.S. to overseas. Her music has been played on numerous shows such as the MTV Hip Hop show titled My Block, The 2005 Vibe Awards, I want to work for Diddy 1 and 2, Kimora life in the fab lane, Made, Clean house, Yo momma, Gastineau Girls 109, I Love New York, Mafia Wifes and many more. She has also been in several magazines including The Source,Murder Dog, All Hood Publications, Down Low, Explosive Magazine, C2C Magazine, Reel Magazine, New Power Magazine and 916 Magazine.This 6ft slim beauty is quickly absorbing the fame and is making noise in the underground music industry. Murder Dog magazine is quoted to as saying Playgyrl Slim is the mentality of the Bay. Playgyrl Slim got a Trina type style, that sassy attitude. Shes putting the game down tough and doing it big.


1. Voodoo w/ R.F.P.
1999, Playgyrl Slim Music and Meal Ticket
2. Who Am I
2003, Playgyrl Slim Music
3. Playgyrl Slim Presents: Kid
rap group “Troublesome”
2004/2005, Playgyrl Slim Music
4. Da Underground Unit Vol. 1
2004, Playgyrl Slim Music
5. 2 Face Mixtape
2006, Playgyrl Slim Music
6. Valley, Sac And The Bay: Networking And Grinding
2007, Playgyrl Slim Music
7. We Got Next
2008, Playgyrl Slim Music
8. A1 (Single)
2009, Playgyrl Slim Music
9. We Hungry: The Menu Mixtape Hosted by DJ Vlad
2009, Playgyrl Slim Music
10. Blaow (Single)
2010, Playgyrl Slim Music
11. Fu** Rap (Single)
2011, Playgyrl Slim Music
12.Playgyrl Slim and BWEntertainment Persent “Google Me Bit#*” The Mixtape Vol.1 2011,Playgyrl Slim Music
13.Playgyrl Slim and Young Grinderz Persent “Google Me Bit#*” The Mixtape Vol.2 2011,Playgyrl Slim Music
14.Final Destination (Death gone come)
(Single/promo use) 2011,Playgyrl Slim Music
15. Playgyrl Slim and Get Doe Records Present “Google Me Bit#*” The Mixtape Vol.3 2011,Playgyrl Slim Music
16. Playgyrl Slim and Cash Family Records/S.A.E ENT. Present “Google Me Bit#*” The Mixtape Vol.4 2011,Playgyrl Slim Music
17. Playgyrl Slim Present “Google Me Bit#*” The Mixtape Vol.5 2012,Playgyrlslim Music


Playgyrl Slim Feat Flossalini- “Blaow” Music Video


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