Having been released from prison (Georgia Dept. of Corrections), in 1991 for Armed Robbery, I moved to Pensacola, FL. to serve a 5-year Probation Term. I dealt crack and powdered cocaine, and marijuana. I used powder cocaine and marijuana; snorting cocaine for 3 years, and lacing marijuana with cocaine daily. I coped with life by remaining numb to the vices that had me bound. But GOD…
May 19, 2000, I had a ‘Damascus Road experience’ where I had to go to jail and be audibly spoken to by GOD, HIMSELF…”you can either serve ME, or I can make it so that you can spend the rest of your life behind bars.” I am so Grateful, because not only was I set free from physical Imprisonment, but HE set me free from Soulish & Spiritual Bondage (as I still, today, remain on the POTTER’S WHEEL). It is GOD’S Grace and Mercy, the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, and “every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD {especially 2 Corinthians 5:17} that allows GOD’S Glory to be Revealed, continuously:
May 2000 (Easter Sunday) – Salvation, by Faith through Grace in JESUS CHRIST;
October 2000 – Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and Fire;
June 2002 – called as a Minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST;
November 2002 – High School Teacher 2002-2004;
May 2003 – Teacher (Staff Member) of the Year 2002-2003;
December 2003 – received A.S. in Education, Magna Cum Laude (Valedictorian);
August 2004 – 4th Grade Teacher 2004-2005;
October 2006 – released 1st Cd : ‘Testimonial Exhortations’;
July 2007 – received Clemency from Governor Charlie Crist;
December 2009 – established 501(c) 3 organization : Trance/Formers, Inc.;
December 2009 – released 2nd Cd : ‘Apostolic Parables’;
April 2010 – began Outreach Radio Broadcast on WRNE 980AM, “Keepin’ it JESUS”
September 2010 – opening act for BET Sunday’s Best;
October 2010 – released 3rd Cd : ‘I gotta go. . .’ (Mixtape)


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