ACE – Omaha, NE, Rap / Hip Hop

I,Darius Jackson was born in Springfield, IL in on Sept. 5th, 1989. Spent most of my life unsure of what my life would bring, I was on the verge of dropping out of high school, but finished up and earned my High school diploma. Afterwards I got a little college education but it seemed i was coming to a dead end as far as finances go. So i joined the service for an initial 8 years, i served a year of that contract and changed over to active duty for a 3 years instead of 8, which leaves me today with a year and half left.
On the other side of things while all that went on, Ive always had a creative side for music. i didn’t start out like most rappers with a broad knowledge of history’s greatest musicians. I just wanted to sound like anything people liked. I always tried to imitate what i heard because i thought that was the answer but later in life found out that the way i was going about it was all wrong. i wasn’t really hungry for the whole fame thing at first because of what the chances of making it were and currently are. But in my 22 years of living i have learned many things. I spent a year in Iraq making music during mortar and rocket attacks. During that time i spent a lot of time researching what music, harmony, and what effect it had on humans was. I learned from a great friend of mines that “Do your music in own way, people will eventually come.” pretty much what i got from that is that if you truly have talent you put out music that is from what u have inside not what out there and what everyone has engraved in there mind right now.
I have come to a conclusion that I am going to try put forth effort and commit to the music bizness. I produce my own music and in my next bio i will be more thorough about everything.!/yaboyaceda1der


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