JC Flow – Day Dreaming (feat. Jennifer Newberry)

The Moment Is Ours [SINGLE COVER]

JC Flow (ASCAP), Hip-Hop Artist [ MC | Singer | Song Writer | Producer ]. Hailing from Seattle, WA. JC FLOW has been riding the back streets of Seattle’s Urban Alternative Scene since the late 90’s. Displaying an innovative sound as a producer/composer for emerging and established artists, he has now surfaced himself as a Northwest front runner as an artist, on WA/OR/B.C. music charts. For all music and booking related questions contact JC Flow via email -> jcflowmusic@gmail.com

Just before the impact of anything amazing, a force will first be found building from beneath the surface. Ask anyone who knows who will be next Breakthrough Artist from the underground in music, and you will hear the name JC Flow. Commonly referred to as “Seattle’s Artist next to go!” , JC Flow is currently being featured as an “artist to watch” on over 30 national radio stations websites, including 102.7 KIIS FM – L.A.’s #1 Hit Music Station!

With firmly planted roots in Seattle, JC FLOW first sprouted up in the Seattle Urban Alternative Scene in the late 90’s. He quickly gained a respected presence by demonstrating an innovative sound as a producer/composer for emerging and established artists, eventually branching further out as a front-runner on the Upper Left music charts, including the B.C. area.

In 2010, JC Flow firmly gripped the #1 ranked spot on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Seattle, and was Ranked #1 in the Northwest on the ‘All Music Genre’ charts for the entire first half of 2011!

Over the last year and a half, JC Flow has collaborated on tracks with an extraordinary ensemble of Northwest artists, Recording Studios, and Sound Engineers – {Artists} Jennifer Newberry, Sol, Luck-One,Tiffany Wilson, Spac3man, Neema, Q Dot, Shorte, Che Blaq, Sean Carson, Louis V, Fogey, Mycle Wastman, Mr. E (aka MC Jamal), Roc’phella, Katherine Romano, Lady Scribe, Kevin Lint, J-Fox, Rob Darkie, AKA. {Studios} Undercaste, The Woodshed, Robert Lang, Electrokitty, Bad Animals, Blash Studios, The Lint Trap, Vocal Chi, Rainstorm. {Sound Engineers} Teal Douville, Randy Ross, Jakael Tristram, Kip Beelman, Kevin Gardner, Justin Armstrong (Two Time Grammy Award Winner).

As a developed artist and respected talent as a producer/composer, JC Flow is well-seasoned and prepared to breakthrough to the masses and branch out to all Hip Hop markets nationally. His voice demands to be heard, and his talent is an internal force in music that is on the verge of shattering the walls of independent music.



JC Flow – Day Dreaming (feat. Jennifer Newberry) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


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