Amy Guess

Amy was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. “I had a wonderful family life growing up. Our home was always filled with music. Mom was often at the piano and Dad was a music addict, always listening to great music like The Beatles, Aretha, Johnny Cash or The Carpenters, etc. My family means everything to me. They have always encouraged me to pursue my music, ” Amy says. “I remember always trying to amuse my four older siblings. I would often goof around and mimic famous stars such as Tina Turner or Billy Ray Cyrus. My family would be in stitches when I would sing to them (at the age of 8) such songs as, “Private Dancer” or “Achy Braky Heart”. “Ha Ha!!” She laughs.

Amy’s love for music began as a youngster. At 5 years of age she saw “Phantom of the Opera”. A top her mother’s knee, Amy was completely mesmerized every second of the performance. It was apparent that music was her passion. From a very young age, Amy loved to sing and harmonize with her two sisters. Nothing was more fun. At 11, she began taking classical voice lessons. That same year she began entering talent shows and music festivals and was chosen to perform at the famous Calgary Stampede Grand Slam Talent Show. It was on that stage when she knew that singing was what she wanted to do. “I never wanted to stop singing. One day in 4th grade, I pretended to be sick and stayed home from school. I spent the day singing and practicing the song “I Could Have Danced All Night” from the show My Fair Lady (one of my Dad’s favorite musicals). I was so excited to perform the song for my family later that night.”

At 12, Amy relocated in Las Vegas, Nevada. There she performed in school and church choirs, and school and community plays. When Amy was 15, Vegas brought fun opportunities for her to perform on the Las Vegas Strip at such venues as The Venetian, The Paris and The Hard Rock Hotel. She was fortunate to meet many wonderful people sharing her same passion for music. During this time she began writing songs and dreamt of making her own albums.

Amy has been influenced by such artists as Sarah Mclachlan, Allison Krause, Alisha Keys, Karen Carpenter, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Adele and Martina McBride. Her music reflects her interpretations to some of her life’s experiences. Her songs stir emotion, inspire, uplift and empower.!/Amy_Guess


Amy Guess – Dare You to Move (Cover)


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