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Members: Members are in the order they met me David Carson, Ric Cwiak, Paul Garcia, Brian Madurzak, Jet Tate, Nick Gray

Sounds Like: Godsmack, Disturbed, Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails, Filter

Bello is a hard driving, heavy, massive energy, highly entertaining, rock band with their very own original sound in both music and vocals. David Carson has a very recognizable voice and really sings from his heart, sharing every emotion physically and lyrically. The band’s music and his vocals equal perfect chemistry.

Bello was created in 1999 in Chicago, IL. There are four original members David Carson(founder, song writer,guitar,vocals), Ric Cwiak(vocals/song writer/lead guitar), Paul Garcia(vocals/songwriter/bass), Brian Madurzak(song writer/drums). Bello was one of the fastest growing bands of that day along with Disturbed, Soil, Chevelle,Mudvayne, etc. Bello came on the scene right as those bands were getting signed and they quickly took over the Chicago scene while Disturbed took off and went on big tours, becoming one of Chicago’s most exciting bands to see live. They lived hard, played hard, and it showed by their quick growing popularity.

In 2002 Jett Tate joined the band on the bass and Bello decided to create a tribute to Godsmack and all their hit songs, Bello’s plan was to use Godsmack music, which they called the band Gotsmack, to book sold out shows across the Midwest and then by having Gotsmack open up for Bello, Bello would introduce all the Godsmack fans to Bello’s original music. The Godsmack fans were blown away at how Bello played Godsmack exact to every sound perfectly, some fans even said the Gotsmack show was better than when they saw Godsmack live.

Bello has been all over from Sturgis, South Dakota to L.A. and covered all the surrounding Mid-Western states.

Bello was playing as Gotsmack all over the Midwest when one of their key crew members was murdered and David Carson took it really bad and had also been overtaken himself with the crazy lifestyle he was living. So Bello played one more show after his funeral and David moved to Florida where he built his own studio and recorded a solo Bello album.

Some of the songs from that recording are Again, Scarred, Beautiful World, Chaotic Pages, I’m just Fine, and Wanted. These songs featured a young 17 year old on the instruments named Nick Gray. They together wrote, sang, and played all instruments, recorded, engineered, and mixed an entire cd on their own.

Meanwhile the original Bello members stayed in Chicago and our each in a couple cover bands a piece and Brian Madurzak (drum master) is in an original band called Black 4.

2011 David Carson moved back up north and during the move ran across all Bello’s old recordings and the members and fans put together all the live video footage and the professional videographer/photographer began sending him the files to begin working with. David thought the material was too good to sit in a box and started opening music sites and building a whole new following all over the globe.

You can find them on just about every music site available and also on social sites. On these sites you will find a lot of material. I hope that Bello will fill up with all their material e.g. video’s, photos, comments, and more because they are fun to interact with.

Bello is just one band you have to see live. You know the kind of show you see and it’s forever stuck in your mind? That’s a Bello show.
Bello has made it possible for fans to see them live by releasing live concert video’s and are adding more video’s weekly on their band sites.

David Carson says if they can reach 100,000 fans that he will put Bello back on tour again. They left the scene right at the top of their game, turning down recording deals because they didn’t want to give up their publishing rights and that might just have paid off, as fast as their new fan base is growing. David believes within a year of marketing and releasing their music globally through the web and utilizing all the tools that are available for independent artists, that Bello will become a touring band again.

Get aboard and be part of a band that is determined to take the music industry by demand. Like them on Facebook and sign up on their mailing list. You will be notified when new songs, video’s, and photos are added. Also come engage in conversation with a hard driven artist. David is a very different character to talk to!

The Godsmack tribute, Gotsmack, will be uploaded for you to see live and you can judge for yourself just how easy Bello pulled Godsmack off. They made it very clear that there was no offense by Bello to Godsmack but they were paying tribute to a band that has over 20 commercial hits.
David Carson says,”Godsmack was a blast to play because you could play 30 songs and everyone in the venue would know each song!! You could fill up a 1,000 capacity venue and all the smaller ones were nuts to butts! It was a blast!! Too bad I couldn’t go on after Alex died because Godsmack was about to make Bello famous, just like Alice N Chains did for Godsmack. Godsmack fans are up in the millions and Bello was converting them nightly. Only we were a little smarter for the advertising pull using Gotsmack as our name. You could not tell the difference when it was advertised over the radio” as he laughs.

David goes on to say, “I give monster PROPS to Sully for being able to tame those bad ass musicians in Godsmack into playing simple hook lines that sale music! It’s not an easy task to have great musicians at your fingertips and get them to hold back on just how great they are and keep it simple enough so fans can get hooked and remember your songs. I think Sully should, for their 20th anniversary, just write an amazing musicians album and show off just how talented that band really is. I hope to be able to connect with as many fans as they have someday!”

So, Spread the word, listen, watch, comment, and share, share, share!! Because we all want to be able to see this band Bello live again. Until then, go to their sites and watch just what a Bello show was like.





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