KyoTown Corporation – Kyoto, JP


Hello Im Aya from Japan I started singing when I was 5 years old I love Soul music it really moves my heart… I like live performing and Travel….I hope to be back in New York and Los Angeles soon..there`s..not much to write bout me cause Im not done yet with what I do and I think I speak for MIA and all of us workin with Mr. Watley III…..Thank u for listening to our Song`s…Ariegoto ….

KyoTown Artist Produced by John Earl Watley III…are.. / MIA ….AYA … MISAKI ..

YUKO ….. KANAKO and Hiro all from Japan.

KyoTown Music Founded and Controlled by John E. Watley III .from Chicago …Started KyoTown in Japan in 1997 after parting ways from working with his Sister Grammy Award winner and InterNational Star Jody Watley……..John has put together a star studded list of Japanese singer`s from Japan…These Artist have toured Asia for the last few year`s and to date..still continue to do so. Also Aya and Mia have had the privilege to perform at the World renown Appollo Theater in Harlem New York a few year`s Back… Stay Tuned for more to come from these Artist from Japan….and KyoTown Music….Out of Kyoto Japan.



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