Cocky Da Homo MC Gets His Dubstep On With New Rap Anthem

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“Real men like d**k, wanna know why?” controversial rapper Cocky da Homo MC asks rhetorically on the refrain of his new dubstep jam “Real Men,” available for sale online on both his Reverbnation and Bandcamp websites. “The Law of Attraction states ‘like attracts like,’ so if you like p***y then you are a p***y, aight? If you out the f****’n closet like me. throw your hands up high!” Sure to become this summer’s gay club anthem, the 3-minute banger, produced by Persis and mixed by Cocky himself, also includes a fiery 45-second introduction aimed at the online hip hop community which by-and-large has rejected and villified the homosexual rapper ever since he first came onto the scene with his first mixtape in March of this year. “In 50 years, you’ll be the rednecks and the Anglos. History repeats itself,” Cocky retorts, “you bozos, I’m the Negro here, stop discriminating, homos.”



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