Chicago has created some of the most successful stars in the rap game like Kanye West, Common, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco but Mr.RED has come to give the fans what Chicago is known for, what they expect, Gansta! “If I was born white I’d be C.E.O. of a fortune 500 corporation but instead you get Mr.RED the streets’ C.E.O.!” “I couldn’t wait for somebody else, so I put myself on!”

“Elven n Maxine made me but the streets raised me!” “I’m like a blizzard, real cool but very dangerous!” If you are lucky enough to spend any amount of time with this man you can see why everybody can relate to music. Same as his everyday life there is a near perfect balance of power, respect, fear, and knowledge that cant be bought duplicated or faked!

Mr.RED is not just an artist, Mr.RED is a brand! When asked what is your main objective in this business? He paused, looked up and to the right, then looked back as if a light went off in his head and said “I’m jus tryin to bring back the real.” “Meaning, I wanna get rid of the impossible and bring back the probable” That is an evident fact if you have ever listened to any of the three mixtapes tht he’s released under his label Da Empire Records.

What set’s Mr.RED’s music apart from other rappers is his attention to detail. His music is like a musical book, although explict, up front, and hardcore it is not so far fetched that is unbelievable, hence the exspression “bringin back the real”




my new single GET LOW is out now…

Chicago, U.S.A. ·


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