Canis L

Members: Canis L

Sounds Like: Ace Hood, DMX, Childish Gambino, Rick Ross, YelaWolf

Label: Island Def Jam Digital Distribution/Interscope Digital Distribution, DARKCYDE MUSIC GROUP LLC.


“Canis The Cannibal” will consume you. With his heady display of beats, tight lyrical flow and intense message, this hip-hop artist deliver reality and truth to you in a potent concoction of grooves and words. Canis L’s street poetry is smart, tough, artistic, lean, muscular – it is everything a strong mind and strong body should exhibit through artistic expression.

Life Converted

Music, for Canis L, is the conversion of his life into music. It is musical autobiography, and a message to others. “When you listen to my music your stepping into my shoes and reliving my life,” he says. Canis L’s lyrics are marked by profundity and a refusal to shy away from tough issues and ideas. And the music has the right punch to carry such a strong message to listeners everywhere.

Street Poetry

“Street Poetry” is a term easily applied to what Canis L does. For be it brutal, uncompromising aggressive rap or the sheer power of word play and pure ideas, Canis L is nothing less than a poet. His vocal delivery is mesmerizing, to say the least, and he delves into ideas that are challenging, proving himself braver than some contemporaries. Music is his conversion machine, turning rage into rhyme, destruction into creativity. “Music for me expresses moments that just happened or else it’s me letting out my anger through my pen to my page,” says Canis L.

Canis L- Cognac




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