DoubleWide Debris

With riff driven, toe tapping – knee slapping rockers, story ballads, and some witty songs thrown in to make you smile, DoubleWide Debris loves to play live and entertain.
The name DoubleWide Debris reflects the band’s sense of humor. Their songs reflect their various musical influences from classic rock to traditional country. It’s hard to confine DoubleWide Debris into one genre. Americana, southern rock, and alternative country could all be used to describe the band’s original music.

Founding members Mark Chapman and Carson Baker started DoubleWide Debris as an acoustic duo. They were quickly joined by Mark’s son, Keith, on electric lead guitar. The next addition to the band was lead singer Traci Carter, who changed the band’s dynamics with her smooth to saucy vocals.

After playing several gigs, doing acoustic covers of rock and country songs, the band decided it was time to take it to the next level. All of the band members had been writing songs for years, and decided to begin playing their own original music. With this change in direction also came the decision to “plug in” and add a drummer and bass player. Their first choice for a drummer was their good friend, and outstanding drummer, Gary MacPhee. They were thrilled to find that Gary was interested, and available. The obvious choice for a bass player was Keith’s friend, Bill Thomas, who was a proven, rock solid, bass player.

Everything immediately clicked during the first practice with the new line-up, and they quickly arranged their songs to emphasize all of the band members’ talents. Strong female lead vocals, smoking hot lead guitar, a combination of electric and acoustic rhythm guitars, and rock solid, in the pocket, bass and drums have become the heart and soul of DoubleWide Debris.

Hailing from rural southern Illinois the band members are:
Traci Carter – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Keith Chapman – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mark Chapman – Electric Guitar/Mandolin
Carson Baker II – Acoustic Guitar
Bill Thomas – Bass
Gary MacPhee – Drums/Vocals

Sounds Like: Blackberry Smoke, Miranda Lambert, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Powder Mill, The Departed

Label: Big Red Truck Records

Manager: Big Red Truck Entertainment

Pond Creek by DoubleWide Debris


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