Blindmunkee… what is it? where is it? who is it? w.t..f? so what is blindmunkee? am i a blindmunkee? is it just a stupid symbol? is it a band ? is it some kind of members only freek club?… dunno , dont care, to busy f’booking shit,wackin’ off to someone elses life?to old? to tired?just happy to be told what to do and how much your funeral insurance will cost?dont really want to think for yourself? fair enough, lifes hard enough without having to put effort into it…but what if …?
..maybe the voices in your head are on to something ? what if the main stream media IS stopping you from forming a coheriant thought? what if your grandma was onto something when she told you it was” All fuckin lies?”
open your eyes….start listening

A product that the system rejected, the underground anti-brand that is rapidly becoming the face of the next generation of free thinkers…

Members: gump-vox ,stu-gtr , mick-bass, adz-drums

Sounds Like: Limp Bizkit, Filter, Dope, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails

Label: indie

Blindmunkee DeF SySteM


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