The Banking System and Your Business

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The Banking System and Your Business

As a business owner, you deal with a lot of different issues that make your financial situation unique. A lot of what you save for retirement is money placed right back into your business. However, most retirement vehicles lock up your savings dollars, making that money inaccessible for future opportunities.

The Infinite Banking Concept creates the ideal situation for your money. It creates both a source of capital, allowing you to bypass outside lending sources, as well as providing the ideal environment for your money to grow competitively, with tax advantages and no risk.

The Banking System and Your Business
As a business owner you have multiple concerns. A few of those concerns are a need for capital, a way to minimize your taxes, and a way to move money from your business to yourself for your later years. By creating your own private banking system, those concerns are eliminated. Infinite banking allows you to recapture money that businesses typically pays to outside lending institutions, and redirects that money back to you. Additionally, as you loan money to your business from your private banking system, you create both a tax deduction for you and for your business. This strategy provides a way to move money from your business, to yourself, and take advantage of tax breaks simultaneously.

Real Estate Investors
When real estate investors utilize the infinite banking concept in conjunction with real estate purchases, they create a way to access capital more efficiently, allowing for advantages of additional tax breaks. Additionally, the policy dividends provide an added stream of growth that enhances the overall growth of their real estate purchases.

As banks and lending institutions have tightened down their lending guidelines, more and more real estate investors have found it hard to continue purchasing property. As you learn to create your own private banking system, you create a continually growing pool of money, allowing you to have access to more capital, and therefore the ability to acquire more real estate.


Are you tired of paying interest and fees to banking institutions?
We teach you how to create your own banking system to stop the vicious cycle of sending your hard-earned money to these institutions, recapture the interest you would have paid, and put that money back in your pocket.

Are you having trouble getting access to capital?
Our proprietary, proven system enables you to fund operations and grow your business by 25-50% annually, guaranteed, tax-free!

Are you losing out on opportunities because your money is tied up?
We teach you how to leverage your money like the wealthiest 1% do, and recover the expenses flowing through your business.  We’ll teach you how to recycle those dollars over and over again, so you won’t miss out on future opportunities.

Presenting… The Infinite Banking Concept System
The Infinite Banking Concept has been around for over twenty years. It’s a paradigm shift from what most people have been taught; it’s a personal monetary system that enables you to become your own banker.  The concepts we teach are based on the book “Becoming Your Own Banker”by bestselling author R. Nelson Nash.
[Insert image of book]

You see, becoming your own banker means to take control of your financing. By doing so, you depend less upon financial institutions for working capital.

You can use the Infinite Banking Concept to start or grow your business, even when you can’t qualify for a business loan from a traditional bank. It may surprise you that famous business owners have used this concept, including Walt Disney and J.C. Penney.

The Infinite Banking Concept can be used to finance business vehicles, equipment, office buildings and more – and recapture the interest you’d otherwise pay to finance institutions.
Key characteristics & potential uses of the Infinite Banking Concept:

  • Expand your business, predictably and reliably every year
  • Add equipment or technology that puts you ahead of your competition
  • Attract, hire & retain employees, so you can take your business to the next level while having more time to enjoy your life and your family
  • Grow your retirement savings safely – with no government restrictions or penalties on when or how much income you can take from the plan
  • Take an income stream in retirement with little or no taxes due, under current tax law

Other Benefits of the Infinite Banking Concept:

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