Chase Walker Band

Although this band is comprised of teenagers, they play like seasoned pros.  Don't miss these kids!

The Chase Walker Band is the next generation of the blues. Comprised of three young musicians: 13 year old Chase Walker on vocals and guitar, 15 year old Savannah Sanchez on vocals and bass, and 13 year old Matt Fyke on drums, their soulful sound and performances polished well beyond their collective years bringing audiences to their feet. Chase, Savannah & Matt met each other while attending Chicago’s Blues Kids of America musicians camp and they have been playing together ever since. The Chase Walker Band’s influences of Texas, Chicago & Louisiana blues can be heard in the songs they play. Although this band is comprised of teenagers,they play like seasoned pros, having performed for cheering crowds in California,Chicago, Texas, and Pennsylvania and having been featured on television on more than one occasion. Don’t miss these kids!

Chase Walker Band performs original and cover songs. They are a tight three piece band that can fill up to a 90min set.

Chase Walker is endorsed by Carp Amplifiers    @chaserwalker


Chase Walker – 13 year old singer / songwriter / guitar player





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