11:23pm was born October 21st 1982. Born in brooklyn, raised in Queens 11:23pm grew up surrounded by the culture of Hip Hop and its art of rapping. He began writing poetry at the age of 8 and when he was 10 years old he was given publishing right for a poem he wrote about growing up in a broken home. After years of struggle and hardships of growing up around drugs and violence he moved out to Mastic/Shirley, NY on Long Island where he began writing raps with his boy Jimmy. They later started a group called “The Chedda Klan” and later got there name dissing neighbor hood friends and people. Soon 11:23pm started getting serious about the mic and later dubbed the name Subkonshus but after realizing several artists carried the name he changed his name to 11:23pm.
He got the name due to experiences and sudden spiritual and numerlogical incidents occured involving the number 23. Today he is currentle rocking the mic and u can find him rocking shows atleast twice a month at the Broadway Bar in Amityville, NY and he is working on 2 mixtapes along with and EP and an LP set to release 23 days apart. TIMING IS EVERYTHING and the Time is NOW! Dont miss out and this abstract, positive, enlightening young artist before TIMES UP!



Left with Nothin Still Life feat Shane Brady


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